Hi Pauline,  I would like you to be able to put this on your new web page.

I have nothing but admiration for Pauline .St Fracis rescue is so well run,all the cat's!  In her care are so well looked after. I bet some cat's have never had it so good. My husband and I ( no I am not the queen) have 4 cat's 3 from Pauline. The first cat came to us 2yrs ago, Chester is a lovely boy. He came from Pauline in fine fetal and settled in very quickly ,he was soon followed by Libby , she is a very shy girl but is coming around with some good advice from Pauline, our next arrival was Rowan he came as a house warming gift from our dear friend Joy. She also has rescue cat's from Pauline,  and like me she holds Pauline in the highest esteem.

Our fourth cat is a very dinky blue & white we just love her to bits. Pauline has changed our life , as we are both retired the cat's fill our time so much , and Pauline is always at the end of the phone if we need advice. Pauline is the the one any unfortunate cat would be happy to find itself rescued by .

Carry on the good work Pauline at St Fracis rescue.

Pierina & Ron Kirkpatrick . Seaton Delaval, Northumberland.

My husband and I adopted 2 of our current 3 cats from Pauline at St. Francis Persian Cat Rescue. We made the decision to adopt from the Rescue when our beloved 14 years old Persian Red Colourpoint died after a long illness.We did have a good look at the St Francis website and we were lucky finding two kittens for adoption.  We were a bit anxious about making a choice so soon and about how our other adult cat would cope! No need to worry though!

We got in touch with Pauline and she was very understanding and helpful, in fact  we visited the Charity  after a few days and we felt really reassured by the care and the commitment we saw.  We came home with the 2 little ones- Mowgli and Luna for the family and their adoption packs and we had further advice on the phone in the following days as needed.

Our 3 cats were gradually introduced to each other over the next couple of weeks and there was no trouble at all, despite the older cat being clearly the Boss in the house since the beginning! We had them now for about 5 years and we could not be without them, we love them to bits!  We will certainly go back to Pauline and the Rescue to adopt again in the future,   and we feel that we could count on the Rescue if our cats ever needed rehoming themselves ( but we donít ever want to think about that).

Pauline and all the volunteers do a great job !

Mrs. And Mr. Stewart, Sheffield, South Yorkshire