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If you are looking to adopt or wanting us to re-home your cat, please contact us by phone on 01677 470 344 / 01677 470 142 as we prefer the purrsonal touch.  If you can't see a cat on the Website that you fancy please ring as we sometimes don't have the chance to get the details of new cats up there as quickly as we'd like to. If you do wish us to rehome your cat, we would anticipate a donation towards costs.
x Pauline.
Established 1993

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If everybody who visited this Website gave just ONE POUND it would secure the future of a great many cats!

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PLEASE NOTE: In order to avoid any embarrassment and to deter time wasters please note that all our cats are spayed/neutered, fully vaccinated (including Felv) and have any relevant veterinary treatment done ( dentals, etc.) therefore we ask from 150 per cat. Also, we are not a supermarket so if you take one cat you do not get the second one free if they are a pair!! All our cats come with one month free insurance and are given a free food sample. Please also note that on the rare occasion that we have kittens they are more expensive.

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Honda is a 10 year old tortie and white, spayed and fully vaccinated. she is loving and easy going and would be fine with another persian. For an older cat she is lively and playful and would make someone a lovely companion.

If you would like more information please ring PAULINE on 01677 470 142
Honda: (Location: Bedale)
FUNDRAISING. We're on the grovel for financial help again folks. The cattery is ok as a building now, but sadly the heating and vets bills will be ever with us. Why does the price of everything go up instead of down . . . such is life.

Any small amount that our wonderful supporters can spare, or if they could have a bit of a "do" to raise some money, that would be so, so wonderful. Or, if you fancied doing some voluntary fund raising on our behalf? I know this is a big ask as we are all in the same boat when it comes to the dreaded "money".

I have been keeping my fingers and my legs and my arms crossed for a lottery win, on the odd occassion I play, but no luck thus far and I'm not hopeful! we can all dream though!! So . . . If anyone can help out I would be most grateful, as would the cats, for anything raised would be spent on them and them alone.

We have a new helper. Jayne has come on board to help out, she is based in Buckinghamshire, so will be able to deal with enquiries we get from down south. Her contact number is: 07890187342. She has had cats from us in the past few years and has become a friend so this is why she has decided to help. She is a bit of a one though . . . she has a habit of keeping some of the Persians who she takes in to re-home!!!

For more information, telephone PAULINE WRIGHT on 01677 470 344 / 01677 470 142

Jason: he is a 2 and a half year old Blue Angora. Fully vaccinated and neutered, He was left behind when his owners moved house and the neighbours brought him into the rescue. Very friendly and would be alright with other cats.

If you would like more information please ring PAULINE on 01677 470 142
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Jason: (Location: Bedale)
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