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WE NOW HAVE A DROP-OFF POINT IN EDINBURGH Ann McDermott has kindly offered to take in persians to be rehomed in Scotland. Ann can be reached on 01312 374 705 or on her mobile 07974 276 077. We are extremely grateful to Ann for this huge kindness!
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My Name is Pauline Wright and I am the Rescue Manager.  In 1988 I opened a small Boarding Cattery and although I had always loved cats I had never been in contact with any of the Pedigree Breeds. 

The cattery soon welcomed Siamese, Burmese, Birmans and Persians and eventually I was asked to keep or re home one of my boarders, a large handsome Persian boy who we called Teddy. more ....
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AS MANY OF YOU MAY KNOW, we have a number of rescue cats who live here permanently, in our home of course! Due to age or long term medical/behavioural problems and because none of our cats are euthanized unless absolutely advised by the vet, they become pets and take over!

We've decided, reluctantly, to take a leaf out of the larger Rescues' book and ask you lovely lot if you'd be happy to sponsor one or more of these chaps and chapesses. It would help greatly with their medical and living costs, we as usual, wouldn't be taking a penny. A monthly donation is what we are asking for, as much or as little as you can afford, this can be done via the 'Paypal' link or as a Bank transfer to the Rescue. You will receive a Certificate showing details of the cat you are supporting and there will be twice yearly updates which can be sent electronically or by mail.

Asking for financial support is our least favourite thing but our costs never seem to go down.

Many, many thanks!

Pauline and the Rescue Gang xxx
Sadly, the costs never come down ....